Where to place a retractable clotheslines. Do’s and don’ts.

Space Requirements.
We recomend at least 1 meter on both sides of the clothesline however this is a guide only. This is so the clothes dont blow in the wind and touch items such as fences. So you need to allow this space plus the width of the retractable clothesline your interested in. The page of the clothesline your interested in has all the sizes and other info you need to make this measurement. The space needed in front and behind the clothesline is not so important.

Height Requirements.
Make sure you have no tree branches or other objects that will interfere with the clothesline when it is extended out and at full height.
The height should be higher than for other types of clotheslines. Make sure it is a miniumum of 200mm above the users head height. This is because retractable clotheslines will stretch their cord with a load on them and some compensation is needed to counter this. Remember the longer the clothesline extends the more it will stretch and the higher the clothesline should be placed. The clothesline should be placed in an area with a smooth and preferably level ground. Its ok if you have some gradient to the land as long as its fairly consistent in height along the length of the clothesline.

Wall Mounting Pitfalls.
This only applies if your retractable configeration is a "wall to wall" or a "wall to post".
You can mount a retractable clothesline to a brick wall as long as the wall is at least 100mm wider than the clothesline your interested in. Width data is on the page of the clothesline you like.
If you are mounting the cabinet to a clad wall then the clothesline must be fixed to the wall studs. You cannot fix it to cladding. Its very rare for the width of the wall studs to marry up with the clothesline anchor points. If the studs do not marry up in width with the clothesline then you can use a backing board. Buy a board about 200mm high x 18mm thick x the width of the clothesline plus the measurement to the next available outside stud. This means the board will be wider than the clothesline. The board is screwed to the studs and then the clothesline to the board. We do not supply these boards because they will need painting to suit your wall colour first before installing. We can however install these boards for you at no extra charge if you purchase our installation package.
The hook on the receiving end for wall to wall or post to wall configurations must also be fixed in a stud. Usually no back board is required in this case as only one stud is required.

Post Mounting Pitfalls.
Absolutely do make sure you have no conduits such as water gas or power within 1 meter of the post locations or within 600mm in depth of the posts.
Make sure you have a minimum of 500mm of soil depth for adequate concrete foundations for your clothesline. If you do have rock, bricks or concrete under or on top of the soil then we can core drill this for you. Its an additional cost service we provide when you purchase an installation package from us.
Make sure your soil is not sand. If you have sand then you cannot use a post mounted retractable clothesline. Over time it will not stay straight in sand whatsoever.

Post time: Sep-20-2022