• Is It Better to Air-Dry or Machine-Dry Your Clothes?

    What are the pros and cons of machine-drying? For many people, the biggest factor in the debate between machine and air-drying clothing is time. Drying machines significantly reduce the amount of time that it takes for clothing to dry compared to using a clothing rack. M...
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  • Tips to Buy the Best Outdoor Retractable Clothesline

    There are many factors that should be considered before purchasing a clothesline that meets all requirements. Buying clothes takes a lot of time and money. By extension, it is necessary to carefully select the accessories required for maintenance. This will ensure a good...
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  • Tips for buying a clothesline

    Tips for buying a clothesline

    When buying a clothesline, you need to consider whether its material is durable and can bear a certain weight. What are the precautions for choosing a clothesline? 1. Pay attention to the materials Clothes drying tools, unavoidable, have close contact with all kinds of d...
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  • How Do You Dry Clothes in a Small Space?

    How Do You Dry Clothes in a Small Space?

    Most of them will scramble for space with ad-hoc drying racks, stools, coat stands, chairs, turning tables, and within your home. It is required to have some spiffy and smart solutions for drying clothes without spoiling the home appearance. You can find retractable dryi...
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  • 6 Stylish Ways to Dry Your Laundry In a Small Apartment

    6 Stylish Ways to Dry Your Laundry In a Small Apartment

    Rainy weather and inadequate outdoor space can spell laundry woes for apartment dwellers. If you’re always scrambling for drying space inside your home, turning tables, chairs and stools into ad-hoc drying racks, you’re likely in need of some smart and spiffy solutions to dry your laundry without...
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    WHAT IS THE BEST WASHING LINE ROPE TO USE? The warmer months mean we can benefit from saving energy and electricity by being able to hang our washing up outside on the line, allowing our clothes to air dry and catch the spring and summer breeze. But, what is the best was...
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  • What Type Of Clothesline Cord Is Best For You

    Clothesline cords need to be chosen with care. It is not just about going in for the cheapest cord and stringing it between two poles or masts. The cord should never snap or sag, or accumulate any form of dirt, dust, grime or rust. This will keep the clothes free from di...
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  • Where to place a retractable rotary clotheslines.

    Where to place a retractable rotary clotheslines.

    Space requirements. Normally we recomend a minimum of 1 meter of space around the complete rotary clothesline to allow for the wind blowing items so they dont rub on fences and such. However this is a guide and as long as you have at least 100mm of space then this will b...
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  • Where to place a retractable clotheslines. Do’s and don’ts.

    Space Requirements. We recomend at least 1 meter on both sides of the clothesline however this is a guide only. This is so the clothes dont blow in t...
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  • Dry Your Clothes in the Fresh Air!

    Use a clothesline instead of a dryer to dry your clothes in warm, dry weather. You save money, energy, and the clothes smell great after drying in the fresh air! One reader says, “You get a little exercise, too!” Here are tips on how to choose an outdoor clothesline: The...
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  • How to Clean Your Washing Machine for Fresh Clothes and Linens

    Dirt, mold, and other grimy residue can build up inside your washer over time. Learn how to clean a washing machine, including front-loading and top-loading machines, to get your laundry as clean as possible. How to Clean a Washing Machine If your washing machine has a self-clean function, choose...
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  • Why and When Should I Hang-Dry Clothes?

    Hang-dry clothes for these benefits: hang-dry clothes to use less energy, which saves money and makes less of an impact on the environment. hang-dry clothes to prevent static cling. Hang-drying outside on a clothesline gives garments a fresh, clean smell. hang-dry clothe...
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