Do you have a problem that the balcony is not small enough to dry clothes?

When it comes to the balcony, the most troublesome thing is that the place is too small to dry clothes and sheets. There is no way to change the size of the balcony space, so you can only think of other ways.

Some balconies are not enough to dry clothes because they are too small. There is only one drying pole, so it is naturally impossible to hang clothes. If you add an extra clothes pole, it will either not have enough space or it will get in the way. In this case, it is recommended to install a hanging folding drying rack to solve it. The hanging folding clothes rack is really space-saving. If the balcony is spacious enough, install it directly on the wall. When you need to use it, you can open it up to dry a lot of clothes at a time. When not in use, just fold it up and put it away. If the balcony area is not large enough, you can find a sunny window or install it beside the window. Wall Mounted Drying Rack

If you don’t like wall-mounted folding clothes racks, you can try floor-standing folding clothes racks. This floor-standing folding drying rack is more suitable for small balconies, and can be folded and stored in the storage room when not in use. It is a good choice to use it to dry some clothes that need to be laid flat, such as sweaters that are easily deformed. Retractable Clothes Drying Rack

Finally, I recommend a retractable clothesline, which looks like a power box, but the clothesline can be drawn out. When using, just pull out the clothesline and hang it on the opposite base. It is very convenient to retract the body when not in use. But it should be noted that when installing the clothesline, the height of the bases on both sides must be the same. Otherwise, the clothes will tilt to one side when they are drying.Stainless Retractable Clothes Line

Post time: Dec-02-2021